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Welcome to the Seoul Survivors Podcast blog. Our contact email is gokorea@gmail.com. Send all your questions there.

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Will this podcast teach me English?

No. It's about, primarily, the field of ESL (English as a Second Language), how to survive your one year contract, and how to make the best of your life in one of the largest cities on the planet.

What kind of things do you guys talk about?

We try to keep it off the cuff and light hearted. You'll find regular features here like:

Korean Kids Do the Darndest Things: Cute things students do.

Teaching Opportunity of the Week: As experienced ESL teachers, we tease out the week's best job opportunity -- a job that doesn't set off alarm bells and seems like it might be in a good area of Seoul. Of course, Korea is all about rapid change and what might be a good opportunity today might be 100% different a month later. We make no guarantees that this job won't crush your soul.

I Hate Myself and I Want to Die! Engrish Tshirt of the Week: Those whacky Engrish t-shirts.

In Korean News: What's up with the motherland?

You guys say some really critical things about Korea. Do you think Canada and America are all so perfect?

Heck no. I'm sure we'd be talking like this about our own nations if we were actually living there. The fact is, we're living here and things that happen here are material to our lives. Here. In Korea. And up for discussion.